I’m a professionally trained personal chef with a penchant for fatty, sugary, creamy things. Burgers? Put on some bacon and cheese, a side of fries, and a mayo dipping sauce, please. Southern foods, BBQ, pizza. Vegetables? No thank you.

Until my body starting rebelling: intolerable allergies, incurable exhaustion, an overall feeling of blah, with a side of bloating and digestive issues.

The result? Exhaustive research on how to heal the body, improve the immune system, and thus cure allergies and health ailments with PROPER NUTRITION. I’m also a registered student at the Integrative Nutrition Institute.

I’m here to dispel the myth that healthy food is boring, and to help other re-calibrate their own eating in order to vastly improve the quality of their lives. Have that piece of cake, that piece of pizza, or that can of soda ONCE in a while, if you really must. But add vegetables, grass fed proteins, and other nutritionally sound foods that help your body rid itself of and prevent disease, increase energy, and give you a whole lot more control over the quality of your life.


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