Change your life with vegetables

Dr. Terry Wahls is a successful doctor with multiple sclerosis.  After years of what is considered the ‘best’ medical treatment while continuing to disintegrate, she decides to do something about her condition.  She learns everything she can about nutrition, and designs a diet that catered to her specific disease.  Following a diet of organ meat, organic meats, and NINE cups of multi-colored vegetables a day, she begins to heal.  Within 9 months, she progresses to being in a reclining wheelchair to actually going on long bike rides.  While her multiple sclerosis is not cured, the quality of her health and life is improved immensely.

This is a beautiful, inspiring, and amazing recovery.  But it’s not rocket science, doesn’t involve the latest medical discoveries, and is a return back to basics that most of us disregard.  It’s quite simple, and most of us can heal ourselves in this way by putting some effort into  incorporating better quality foods in our diet.

Dr. Wahls example makes it clear that not only does it affect how we feel, but also impacts the length and quality of our lives.  If Dr. Walhs example isn’t concrete evidence of the healing power of eating nutrient dense foods, I don’t know what is.  We live in a society that is based on emotional eating, rather than eating for our bodies to thrive.

The lesson I gleaned from this video was simple:  EAT MORE VEGETABLES.   Don’t eat a side of broccoli with 3 tiny florets, eat the whole damn thing.  Don’t eat a couple of leaves of kale to feel good about having some greens on your plate, eat the whole damn head of kale.  Fill yourself up with vegetables BEFORE you eat bread, grains, or pasta.  The difference in your health, over a period of time, will be remarkable.


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